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How to make money Online as an Audio Content Creator?

by WhereWhatHow
Audio Content Creator

Just with a Smartphone and internet, you can create digital content, reach a global audience, and make tons of money online. Anyone with a knack for creating audio, video, text, or visuals can become a content creator and build their personal media empire.

While it may not seem like a big deal, the democratization of distribution is momentous for creators. Not so long ago, you needed to go through middlemen for broadcasting any kind of information.

Do I need money to become an Audio Content Creator?

Without spending a penny, you can create media assets and find an audience interested in consuming them through various marketing channels. Why is it then that only a few content creators rule the roost? For instance, over 90% of pages on the internet get zero traffic from Google!

What is an Audio content creator?

An Audio content creator is a someone who creates digital audio assets for a specific audience. Companies generally leverage the services of such creators to generate brand awareness and kick off a relationship with their prospects.

Do you need a degree to become a Audio Content Creator?

Absolutely not. Building an audience through your Audio Content is sufficient to have a successful career.

What are some top content creation platforms?

Internet is full of Video, Image, and Audio creation platforms but today, we’ll be focusing on making Audio Content Creation your side hustle.

  1. Jam

    Use Jam audio rooms to organize events, meetups, conferences, workshops and charge for access or related materials.

  2. Plink

    Plink makes smart podcast links that creators love and listeners deserve.
    Podcast creators can earn passive income through affiliate linking with Plink that happens behind-the-scenes. Some marketing and affiliate linking knowledge may be helpful. Signup and add your own affiliate IDs for programs like Apple Services.

  3. Steady

    Journalists, media makers, and content creators offer memberships to earn a sustainable income for their work through their communities.

  4. Songfinch

    Write and perform personalized songs.

  5. Matter

    An all-in-one platform for creatives, focused on musicians and audio content creation. Sell subscriptions, products, creative services, earn donations, and more from your profile.

  6. Avocado

    Sell audio courses, audiobooks, and audio stories directly to your audience

  7. Capiche FM

    Capiche FM is a platform where anyone can host live, interactive audio shows. It’s like Twitch for audio!

  8. Tingles

    Create a wide variety of ASMR videos that help people relieve anxiety and fall asleep.

  9. Spoon

    Broadcast live audio content and earn money in gifts from listeners!

  10. Simple Habit

    Create content to help people reduce stress, sleep better and live happier!

  11. Knowable

    Showcase and monetize your unique expertise in a catalog of hand-picked audio courses.

Successful Audio Content Creators Take An Audience-First Approach…

It’s about your audience after all, right? So building a successful content creation career starts with pinpointing them. From there, it’s about finding inspiration to create regularly and finding joy in the process.

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