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Great Strategies to Create Abundant Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

by WhereWhatHow
Great Strategies to Create Abundant Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

Wealth creation can be easy

I am more certain than I have ever been that investing in real estate is the easiest and most accessible plan for fulfilling financial goals and dreams, in fact, real estate investing if the simplest and most available way to build a true wealth creation system.

So, what do I mean by “Wealth Creation System”. Quite simply it is an easy, repeatable process that produces long-term passive income in order to provide you with all of the money and time you want and need in life.

True wealth is not having an abundance of money; it is controlling a system that produces a constant flow of abundant money! As I often say in my seminars and forums, “The key to wealth is not cash – it is cashflow!” In other words, the key to wealth is controlling a system that produces a constant and consistent supply of money. The key to acquiring wealth really lies in acquiring assets that produce wealth.

There are three essential, non-negotiable components in order for a wealth creation system to work. These three essential components are:

1. A step-by-step plan to acquire capital (in other words – cash).

2. The development of unyielding and vigorous financial habits.

3. An easy-to-follow plan on how to acquire income-producing assets (in other words – cashflow).

Let me explain how investing in real estate can function as your personal wealth creation system.

One method is: “Quick-Cash Investing”

This is where a regular house is purchased at a wholesale price and then resold as a retail price. You can make good money with this method and be able to get yourself started on the path to wealth creation. Quick Cash gives you the influx of money you may need to clear up old debt and get your hands on capital for Cash Flow investing.

Another method is: “Cashflow Investing

After developing healthy money habits and securing capital you should embark on Cashflow investing. This is where you use your capital to purchase cashflow producing real estate assets to develop a healthy form of passive income

Don’t wait. Get educated about the techniques and strategies that you can use to become an active and successful real estate investor, and start building your personal wealth creation system today.

The Power of Beliefs

You need to have a firm grip of the issues that will impact your success in today’s world. Since that is the case, I have decided to expose a big myth about money that has been passed down from generation to generation.

This myth about money has influenced the way millions of people see money, and has kept countless individuals from ever achieving their personal financial freedom.

I learned, many years ago, that acquiring wealth and enjoying wealth are really two different things. Making money is not really all that difficult. It is simply a matter of determining your niche and acquiring your investments correctly.

Now, you would think that this is the end of the story, but it isn’t. Because people believe certain things about money, they are then prompted by their personal psychology to practice certain behaviors once they get that money.

Some people achieve wealth and then feel guilty for having it. They end up undermining their financial habits to the point that they lose their wealth quickly so that they don’t have to deal with the inner stress of having it. This subconscious practice of self-disruption keeps them from ever really achieving their full financial potential. The truth is that what we believe about money drastically influences not only our ability to acquire it, but also our ability to keep it.

The real difference between rich people and poor people is not how much money they make; it is how much of their money they keep!

I want you to be able to acquire wealth and keep it to be used for your personal enjoyment. Since that is the case I want to expose some money myths with you. Let’s quickly take a look at a money myth now!

There is only so much money to go around.

Most of the financial practices of the largest corporations are influenced by the thought that there is only so much wealth out there to be acquired in today’s world. The idea behind this belief is the notion that when all of the world’s wealth is seized, then those who don’t have wealth will find themselves unable to acquire any more of it. This is a tired and false myth.

Many people believe that money is a scarce thing, but money isn’t a thing at all. Money is really just an idea – it is an abstract tool used to measure the value of something.

People believe the ideathat a hundred-dollar note is worth more than a fifty-dollar note, even though the actual value of the paper, ink and printing costs behind them are roughly the same! Money is not a thing, it is an idea and there is plenty of it out there for everybody who wants to take the time to develop solid strategies for acquiring it. Money is NOT a scarce or finite resource. Money is an abundant idea.

It is important to know that there is plenty of money out there for everybody because it takes away the anxiety that people who are trying to build a financial fortune experience when they see other people out there trying to make money as well.

Source by Brian D Norton

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