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Four Unusual Home Based Data Entry Jobs – Where What How?

by WhereWhatHow
Four Unusual Home Based Data Entry Jobs

There are many home based data entry jobs around, but did you know that there are several variations on this theme available on the internet? Data entry has many different facets to it and we will be uncovering four interesting jobs. They include abstractors, catalog description writers, document translators and research specialists.


Being an abstractor is an unusual home based data entry jobs that is found online. What an abstractor is, is a writer or data entry person who takes a website and puts it into a paragraph or document. You can also do this with any sort of document, from letters to journals and beyond. There are many different companies that are looking for people to work for them in this capacity. It is basically taking, say a page and cutting the information down in to a paragraph sized bite of the entire document. While this can be frustrating for some, others love the variety of the assignments. If you love information processing, then this is for you.

Catalog Description Writer

While this is not that new of an idea either, but it is a home based data entry jobs idea that is well worth its weight in gold. What a catalog description writer does basically is write descriptions of products in a catalog for a client. If you are creative with words, then this job is right up your alley! There is not enough time for a company to write these descriptions, so they hire people like you to do so. This is a rewarding way to make money and view new product all at the same time. Description writing is another unusual job in this particular field of data entry. This is one that is very profitable and fun to work with and usually satisfying.

Document Translators

This particular home based data entry jobs will help you make use of foreign language skills. This is one job that many companies need done. Companies need document translators to translate a document from one language to another. The demand for this type of job will only get larger as more and more companies are now going global. So if you speak, read and write a foreign language, then this is the job for you! Each company will differ in what languages that they need the translation in. Usually it is English and the target language such as Russian, Spanish, Italian etc.

Research Specialist

A research specialist is another unusual home based data entry jobs that can be a joy to work with. These specialists compile research into documents such as mailing lists, documents, etc. This is a good paying job, especially if you are detail oriented and love this type of work. The pay varies, but if you have an internet connection, then you are in business. Many different types of research specialists are needed for different companies. The requirements will also vary as far as the assignments go, so no two assignments will ever be alike.

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